Beats me. But I can tell you that we’ve had a chicken join us in the office this week. We’ve also spent the last two days manually packing chocolate eggs, getting caught up in sticky tape and upsetting ladies in our local post office.

Why? Alright ok, I don’t have a concrete explanation for that either (who would) but I can tell you what we hope to achieve by it. We want to make people laugh and eat chocolate. Conveniently it happens to be Easter in a few days time and people tend to like laughing and eating chocolate at this time of year. Some of the people who liked our chocolate or enjoyed our videos (or just wanted to check that we’re not criminally insane) might decide they want to talk to us.

Really, that’s it. It’s not rocket science and it’s not bulletproof. It took effort (remember, working with animals is never an easy gig) but not an Einsteinian IQ. It won’t resonate with everyone, but it may make others curious.

Effort matters. Sending out a mailchimp sales campaign to 10,000 cold leads is fast and easy, but does it show care, conviction or whether you even believe what you’re saying? Don’t get me wrong, mailchimp is a great way of updating people you’ve already engaged with, but it’s a lazy new business tool. I like to think that when ‘gurus’ declare advertising dead, they mean this kind of marketing. Facilitated- but not improved- by technology, intrusive and impersonal. Maybe we haven’t seen the end of these tactics just yet, but it doesn’t look like the future to me.

So, beyond thought and effort, what does good advertising take? One of the best ads I’ve seen this year was Van damme’s effort with the twin volvo trucks. Virally engaging and communicating a product benefit in a memorable way. That’s not something you see so often.

Then there are the moments in advertising designed to make something shareable and create a connection from person to person, without talk of ‘target consumers’ and sales metrics; just some good old-fashioned fun.

Three UK are all about the fun. They blazed the way with the dancing pony (I can tell you, the temptation to tie in a Blazing Saddles reference there was high) and they’ve kept up the good work with their singing kitty. Even if the CGI cat was a little creepy, it made you smile. Surely, we could all use a little more of that.

But where do you draw the line? We’d be the first to admit, it’s a delicate balance. After all, not everybody likes chicken.

Missed out on the chocolate eggs? Come and see us and we’ll make sure you’re on the list for Easter next year 😉