For centuries, man has longed to fly and land safely on earth, unaided, into a massive pile of cardboard boxes. Today Gary Connery, becomes that man… hopefully.

A world record attempt of epic proportions, miles better than that odd fellow from the White Stripes whose apparently going to break the record for the most amount of metaphors used in one tour. This one is actually exciting, and the man behind it deserves all the credit that comes his way.

With nearly 1,000 skydives to his name, Gary has spent most of his life as a stuntman, filling in for actors, and never getting the credit. But today is Gary’s… assuming he makes it.  He knows he can make it, and thousands of people are willing him on across television and social media.

The transformation of a man, relatively unknown outside the BASE jumping circuit, now has the world watching as he attempts to defy the greedy hands of death. You’ve had your fill death, Gary belongs to the people, and we missed breakfast for this.

Gary’s profile has rocketed as build up to this jump has gained momentum. A hugely prominent and well designed online profile (#shamelessselfpromotion) has helped transform Gary into more than a stuntman and more than a brand, but a stunt-brand. He will become synonymous with BASE jumping and will become the name attached to the daredevil label. With social media, he has engaged a large amount of people who would previously of being oblivious to such stunt.

So, fingers crossed. Nah, he’ll be fine. Good luck #wingman