So Samsung’s tablet isn’t a rip-off of Apple’s iPad because Apple is far cooler than Samsung. Pretty solid argument I’m sure you’ll agree. Not sure who came out of that better? Apple may have lost the case, but the brand damage sustained by Samsung will surely make this a shallow victory.

Anyway, the saga rumbles on with Apple now forced to say that Samsung did not copy the iPad across their advertising. Apple have a track record of taking companies on, think ‘I’m a PC/I’m a Mac’, so it’s hard to imagine Apple not trying to do something clever with this.

At Cafecreate Towers we rather like Apple, well apart from our PC loving web developer, but we heard he killed a dog with his bare hands so you can’t trust his judgement anyway. However, I digress; so we’ve done Apple a lovely advert so they can apologise to Samsung in true Apple style, and hopefully fan the flames in the process. Fight!

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