In the next stage of my marketing education, the world seems to be getting complicated.

A friend recommended the video above. Having watched it, and then realised that the intention is to sell me Paul Smith underwear I sat down to analyse my thoughts on the matter.

So what happened when watching this video. Firstly it was recommended on the basis of the skills these guys were demonstrating, and as I say I had no idea that it was advertising anything. As it starts you see 2 climbers, dressed slightly inappropriately considering the Alpine vista (jumpers and jeans), climbing a very dangerous looking piece of cliff face. The weather looks bleak and unforgiving. After a while they climb out of the cloud line into beautiful sunshine, stunning views, and huge drops. Visually it looks warmer, but is obviously bitterly cold. Now it gets quite surreal, and you get view into the real skill sets of these two guys. Suddenly they construct a tight rope (apparently these guys are known as Slack liners!?) between two impossibly dangerous looking cliff faces, and start to walk out on to them. Dangerous enough right, wrong! Next thing one of them is taking off his clothes whilst balancing and throwing them back to the other (This was the exact moment that my wifes engagement score climbed 2 points). Once down to their pants (correct Paul Smith terminology? I dunno) they perform incredible balancing acts on the wire with the bare minimum safety procedures

What have I taken from this:

Well I’m not entirely sure, but if I were to compare the approach of someone handing me a leaflet advertising Paul Smith underwear, where I would throw it in the bin and forget about it instantly, versus this engagement-driven approach. It feels incomparable in almost every respect. I might never buy a pair of Paul Smith underwear (although I did quite like the clothes), but even if I did this video equips me with something far more precious (from Paul Smiths perspective) than simply buying a pair of pants. I have mentioned/shared this with a number of people. I will now speak about this, and show people, proud of the video I found on youtube.

The only question that remains for me is, did Paul Smith sell more Autumn 2013 underwear as a result of this video?