To say that Sport Relief is a huge charity whose work has done undeniably great things for the world is an understatement. To say that Cafécreate can collectively run a mile with ease is not.

Nethertheless, we donned our finest purple threads, dusted off the trainers and set out into the early Sunday sunshine. With unparalleled enthusiasm, we set about doing our part for a great cause… so no complaining about the effects of the night before. With the obligatory team photos taken, we lined up behind the dedicated runners, the school children, and a man dressed as a chicken. The shame of finishing behind this man was too much to bear, and spurred Andy on to an emphatic finish.

Sarah left the pack behind, our male bravado in her wake, and Doug, rocking his iPhone with Nike+, counted every stride towards his total life mileage. Despite finishing in a respectable 2nd behind Sarah, Toby’s hangover reared its ugly head, and lead to rumours of him being sick… which are totally unsubstantiated. Leszek and Martin kept their cool throughout and Guy boxed James in behind a 5 year old to beat him to the finish line.

A rather eventful race considering it only lasted about 10 minutes. At least the memories will last longer… and the ridicule.

No-one died, so the run was a resounding success. To celebrate this, we headed off to the Chocolate Theatre Café for fry-ups and hot chocolate. What an adventure.