So the Olympic Torch passed through sleepy Henley this morning. A chance to glimpse man’s oldest achievement – fire. But not before man’s second greatest achievement rolled by, shameless advertising. Now, we’re all in this advertising business together, but even I find it hard to warm to the hype guys from the Samsung and Coca-Cola buses pass by, with their huge tunes and big afros. It’s 9:20am buddy, take those bloody sunglasses off, this ain’t Ibiza.

Eventually, the flame passed by the waiting crowds, iPhone’s at the ready ready to snap and share photos of one old man running – this must be what they mean when they say this is the first social games. Lloyd’s TSB also drove through, largely unoticed, so a good use of sponsorship money. And the crowd was then left to be entertained by a streaker and reflect on a ‘once in a lifetime’ moment. Hurrah. But on a more pressing issue, where was Is Taunton better than Henley