48 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. To say that’s a lot is an understatement – mind you, it’s probably a figure which won’t surprise most regular Internet users. But more important than upload is download, who is watching all this video?

People have been banging on about video for a while now – to the point where it has almost become the stamp of approval for a website. “No, I’m not going to take you seriously until I see your 30 second infographic video. Come on, you think I’ve got time to read?”.

The truth is, video is great. There’s a reason 48 hours are uploaded every minute – because people know that once a video takes hold, it can do wonders for your business, band or the really messed up stuff you’re into that you feel everyone else should know about, even though they probably don’t.

When people talk about ‘going viral’, it basically means ‘let’s make a YouTube video, get millions of hits and retire famous Internet sensations’. Unfortunately, there’s no formula to going viral, but that shouldn’t be put you of creating a video. The fact that there is so much video just shows how captivated audiences are by it. Every now and then, one video catches the attention of millions and it’s great for them, but your video still shows that you understand your audience, and regardless of hits, will resonate with those who actually watch it, engaging them on a level clever headlines and beautiful imagery can’t match.

Think about this, television adverts are notoriously known as the time for making a cup of tea, or quick dash to the restroom. However, search the latest Apple ad on YouTube, and it’s had 500,000 views in 4 days. People are no longer avoiding adverts, but actively searching them out, well in the online world. That’s active audience participation – the holy grail for advertisers – and it’s exactly the same video that features on the TV.

People want video, there’s a reason YouTube is regarded so highly. Just being viral is often as powerful as ‘going viral’. Someone will see it, and they will act on it.